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Some RV toilet models like the Dometic 300, 310, and 320 and Thetford’s Aqua-Magic series have the pedal placed on the side while others like the Thetford Bravura have the pedal at the front.

L. How to repair a broken foot pedal flusher on an RV toilet.

Feb 22, 2023 · class=" fc-falcon">The following is a step-by-step guide on how to replace your Dometic toilet foot pedal.

For those models that are designed with a replaceable foot pedal the following steps should be adhered to: 1.

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How to repair a broken foot pedal flusher on an RV toilet.

Toilet Standard 18" Height - White. 53. Luckily, Dometic makes it easy to replace the rubber seal yourself with just a few simple tools.

Toilet bowl: vitreous ceramic Foot pedal: polypropylene Water valve: polypropylene Vacuum breaker: ABS/polypropylene Floor seal: nitrile rubber, foam. Chapters.

Also fits other Sealand and VacuFlush toilets with plastic or metal pedals.


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Remove toilet hold-down. In some cases, the pedal can even become stuck in the down position.

Shaft, spring cartridge, and hardware included.


This video shows you how to make a foot pedal flush repair for a Thetford Aqua Magic IV RV toilet using a repair kit. May 15, 2019. tested for leaks by filling the system with water to the rim of the toilet bowl.

. . . Attach pedestal and pedal covers to toilet base (see instructions below). Replacement Toilet Bowl Seal Kit for Dometic Sealand and VacuFlush RV Toilets $52. Water from the flush.

on the left side of the flapper is an plastic arm the drops down and has a plastic pin that should be positioned in the same size hole in the side of the toilet body.

Floor flange seal Installation Note Be sure foot pedal, when pressed, touches same flat surface on which toilet is installed. .